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The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. With the help of modern technology, developers are developing a smartphone device and all mobile applications every day by incorporating new features. In this way, the mobile app market is growing and expanding network all over the world successfully. When there is no lack of good mobile application, then you must have to develop a mobile application to hold a good position in the market.

Mobile application development may be the first step to getting success in the mobile app market. Developers are doing this job efficiently. In this competitive world, unique mobile application is required. To develop such mobile application, you must have to consider some strategies. Here are some promising steps to create an amazing mobile application:

Ø  Decide your goal: Having a proper idea about inventing or developing the mobile application is very important before starting the development work. There must be an aim of the invention of the app. What exactly will be its function? What kind of problems this application is going to solve? How will it help people? All of these should be predefined. Defining the goal will help you to develop the application according to the aim and overall work will be faster

Ø  Draw diagram: After setting goal next thing that will come into your mind is a layout of design. Start to draw the design of the mobile application. When you will have a proper layout of the design it will be easier to create the application according to the design. In this step you can imagine the application exactly how it will look.

Ø  Research: This step is essential for any development work. Research will only help you to create a mobile application with unique features. There are some purposes of research work and they are as follows:

1.       There may some other application with same function like yours. Finding out that is the first step of your research work.

2.       You may get inspiration from other mobile applications which you may incorporate into your app. That may give a fantastic look to your app.

3.       If you are developing or creating an app then you need to know the technical requirements for your app. Finding out all the information that you may require to develop an app is another step of research work.

4.       After developing or creating the mobile application you have to market for your app. A search work such as how you will market before starting the work may be beneficial for you.

A research work will definitely help you to create a mobile application which has not been invented previously.

Ø  Create a wireframe: Creating wireframe is an equally important step where you have to build a prototype of your app. There are so many prototyping tools which are available online such as Balsamiq, HotGloo and Moqups.

It is also important to create storyboard while working on wire frame. In this step you will come to know about all the connection between each screen and navigation of your app.

Ø  Identify back end: It is very important to define back-end structure of your mobile app. In this step you have to draw a layout of server, data diagrams and APIs. This drawing can be very helpful for the developers. In this step designs of wireframe and storyboard can be changed if needed.

Ø  Test Prototype: After designing the wire frame and story board it is very important to test the prototype. Feedback from colleagues, experts and professionals is essential for testing prototype. In this step you can invite them to your studio and get feedback from them. This will help you to find out any error or dead-end links. The main aim of following this step is to examine the entire design before going it to the final design section.

Ø  Create back end of your app: Once the testing process is completed developers have to create severs, set up servers and database and APIs. They also have to create a storage solution. In this step developers should create an account on the mobile app market and update about the development of mobile app.

Ø  Design app screen: Every app has its individual screen. In this step designers design high resolution app screen. In this step it is very important to include feedback of every person who tested your prototype. You are making the app for the customers so, feedback from testers is very important to know to make an app according to customer’s expectation.

Ø  Testing: Once designing for app screen is completed, then you can go for another round of testing. This is the final step of testing. In this step you will get the final look of your app. You will come to know how exactly it will work. In this step final design will be incorporated and you will get the final look of your app.

Ø  Revision: Before submitting a work it is always beneficial to revise it once. While you are making a mobile app, revision is needed too. If you get any new ideas you can ask your developer to incorporate it into your app. Here you will get a chance to rebuild the design. After this any change will not be possible.

Ø  Marketing: After finishing the design work successfully, you have to release the app in the market. As several mobile apps are released everyday, you should advertise properly for your app. Advertisement is the prime step of marketing. There are different types of marketing policy for different servers. As, for example, newly submitted app does not need to be reviewed. You can add your mobile app to Google Play directly.

iOS has different marketing policy. Apple, at first, reviews newly submitted apps and then send it for approval. After getting the approval, they make it live.


Apart from this you can submit your app to Preapps which is a mobile app market place. Using Preapps your app may get early adopted. In this way your mobile app may get listed in Android or iOS or in other server.